What would you take? In packing to spend 12 months out of my home country, the inevitable question is, “What do you take?” The other obvious question becomes, “What do you leave?” And then the question that makes you breathe a sigh of relief is, “What can be shipped?” Other than the boring and normal […]

A change of seasons…

Boarding call… So much was accomplished in my short six weeks in Texas, not a minute was wasted! Here’s a few of the things I enjoyed most… Being SO encouraged by the churches, my brothers and sisters in the faith, the ministries, the joy, and the perseverance of the saints at home. Co-leading the Gospel […]

luisa + texas = viaje misionero

Well, Luisa has come and gone, three weeks has flown by! I got back to Dallas, Sunday, August 1st, and Luisa arrived (flying by herself on a plane for the second time in her life, with a layover in London Heathrow (one of the biggest airports in the world and under construction) and navigated through […]

Misión Posible 2011

You might be asking yourself, does that mean, “Mission Possible”? And yes, it does! I’m going to try to better explain what MP is… Who: All of the evangelical youth of Spain, ages 12/13ish-35ish, there’s not really a limit. What: A conference to come together, study God’s word, meet other believers, worship, pray, serve, and […]

It’s dangerous out there.

There are some things that we just have no concept of in the States. Bullfighting is one of them. Yea, we’ve got rodeos and calf-roping, barrel racing, and even the moments of organized chaos where a calf/goat/pig/other unfortunate animal has a ribbon tied to it’s tail, and then hundreds of children corral the animal in […]