6 Year Anniversary & Expat FAQ’s

A few days ago I celebrated my six-year anniversary in Spain and I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve adapted to living here. Third culture adaptation can be explained as the mindset and will to love, learn, and serve, even in the midst of pain and discomfort. There have been many uncomfortable moments but in all things, God is good. […]

The next few years in Catalunya…

We recently mentioned the elections here and how the winning party would likely shape the future towards national independence or towards collaboration with the federal government. Without going into much detail, the winning president (Artur Mas) has clearly stated that one of the party’s fundamental goals in the next four years will be to hold […]

Texas –> España

This was written last Friday, the day we departed for Spain. Camino Global has given us the green light…¡Eureka! We have been officially appointed as long-term missionaries with Camino Global. After three days of interviews, meetings, and a mutual time of sharing, on September 19th, we were formally accepted. We took personality tests and a […]

Making new decisions, 34 hours in Málaga, & Mentoring

You might be asking yourself, didn’t I just get an update? And you would be absolutely right, but we thought, “Why try and cram one, or two (gulp*) or even three months into an update?” It’s just not necessary! Why not keep in touch by communicating with less information but more often that is actually […]