Things That Cannot Be Moved // Madrid, Spain, and the Gospel

There is no doubt that Catholicism has played a huge role throughout the lives of the Spanish people for centuries. The current state of spirituality and distaste for religiosity, in general, and the Christian message, in particular, among Madrileños has been irrevocably wedded to the dictatorship of Francisco Franco and the power of the Catholic […]

El Camino de Santiago: Travel stories

If you’ve never heard of the Camino de Santiago, here’s a link for the trailer of the movie, “The Way”. It tells a little about the Camino de Santiago and the meaning behind it.Just a heads up, unfortunately this is a long post. Fortunately, it’s got some good stories.For more pictures of our adventures, click […]

Texas –> España

This was written last Friday, the day we departed for Spain. Camino Global has given us the green light…¡Eureka! We have been officially appointed as long-term missionaries with Camino Global. After three days of interviews, meetings, and a mutual time of sharing, on September 19th, we were formally accepted. We took personality tests and a […]