One month in Texas

Originally written January 14, 2015.  Greetings from Texas! Reverse culture shock is quite a doozy and something I’m (Krista) getting used to. I had forgotten about the small details that characterize the Texas culture. Things like driving down a country road and losing count after seeing no less than four Bar-B-Q’s in one front yard, […]

It’s dangerous out there.

There are some things that we just have no concept of in the States. Bullfighting is one of them. Yea, we’ve got rodeos and calf-roping, barrel racing, and even the moments of organized chaos where a calf/goat/pig/other unfortunate animal has a ribbon tied to it’s tail, and then hundreds of children corral the animal in […]

my {most} favorite language blunder

Here’s how it goes…hmm, back up, you should know a few things beforehand. Let me give you some examples of how strong the Andalucían accent is. Spanish: ¡Juan! Spanish w/ southern accent: ¡Juaaaaaaaaaaa! Spanish: ¿Dónde estás? Spanish w/ southern accent: ¿Onde táa? Or my favorite… Spanish: Vamos a ver. Spanish w/ southern accent: Amoer. Ok, […]

Wouldn’t you like to know…

Wouldn’t you like to know…this is a list of interesting tid-bits from living in Spanish culture. The list may include, but is not limited to: food, people, expressions, daily living, language blunders, etc. It’s a pretty normal and cool thing for young people to eat sunflower seeds. When an older woman becomes a widow, it […]