Things That Cannot Be Moved // Madrid, Spain, and the Gospel

There is no doubt that Catholicism has played a huge role throughout the lives of the Spanish people for centuries. The current state of spirituality and distaste for religiosity, in general, and the Christian message, in particular, among Madrileños has been irrevocably wedded to the dictatorship of Francisco Franco and the power of the Catholic […]

One month in Texas

Originally written January 14, 2015.  Greetings from Texas! Reverse culture shock is quite a doozy and something I’m (Krista) getting used to. I had forgotten about the small details that characterize the Texas culture. Things like driving down a country road and losing count after seeing no less than four Bar-B-Q’s in one front yard, […]

6 Year Anniversary & Expat FAQ’s

A few days ago I celebrated my six-year anniversary in Spain and I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve adapted to living here. Third culture adaptation can be explained as the mindset and will to love, learn, and serve, even in the midst of pain and discomfort. There have been many uncomfortable moments but in all things, God is good. […]

Diada Nacional de Catalunya, 11 de Septembre 1714

September 11th is a national holiday here in Catalunya. Sept. 11th commemorates the day that the Catalan troops lost their struggle against King Phillip V of Spain at the Siege of Barcelona. The battle was fought during the War of Spanish Succession. For most Catalan people this is a very significant holiday and for many […]