Excursions in Spain

Mini-Trip to Spain (Partially written while traveling) I’m (Krista) waiting for some new acquaintances (cross-cultural workers) to arrive at the restaurant and am enjoying a moment to sit and watch the lull of the city go by in front of me through large metal-framed windows. The only thing atypical about this is that I’m sitting […]

Moving at high speeds…

Over this past month we have been through a knee operation and hospital stay, a quick trip to Madrid for our general assembly meeting of Camino Global in Spain, Olivia’s baby dedication, a mini parenting conference, and much more. We are excited to share some recent stories, happenings, and prayer requests. Thank you for letting […]

Making new decisions, 34 hours in Málaga, & Mentoring

You might be asking yourself, didn’t I just get an update? And you would be absolutely right, but we thought, “Why try and cram one, or two (gulp*) or even three months into an update?” It’s just not necessary! Why not keep in touch by communicating with less information but more often that is actually […]