In learning a new language, we often compare everything to the one we already know. For example, cow in English. Vaca in Spanish. You take the word you know and assign a new word to it. However, as most people who live in a second culture find, hardly anything ever translates literally. It is more the idea that translates and not so much word for word.

Enjoy a good laugh and check out this slideshow from The Huffington Post about signs no muy buenos.



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  1. As a Spanish teacher, 2 things take some explaining for students (among many): GUSTAR means something pleases me, NOT “I like the thing”. It’s the responsibility of the flan to be pleasing to me, not the other way around. Also, there is no word for “to drop” something. You can let it fall, or it can “fall itself to me” (se me cae), but I don’t take any blame for dropping the object.

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