Kilometros and P. Requests


One of the most famous psalms of David begins with these words: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” (23:1). David, the King of Israel, the great warrior, the psalmist, was also a shepherd (1 Sa. 16:1 and forward) of animals and the people of God.

None the less, in this psalm we see him as a follower (a sheep) of God. David recognizes that God is his Lord and his Shepherd. He shows that God is equally sovereign and powerful as He is personal and close. Because of this relationship of confidence and trust, he hopes in God to provide him with all that he needs. These words from David are very adequate to describe how we have felt in the last few weeks.

Speaking of needs, we need a Green Card… As we mentioned in our last update, we continue to wait for Edu’s Green Card. The latest news is not the most encouraging, but our confidence and hope is in Him who gives us exactly what we need, when we need it. Because of unusual circumstances for the federal government, it looks like it will take longer than we anticipated, which is interesting since we have purchased plane tickets to return to the U.S. on December 8. This “unknown” for us is an opportunity to trust in our God who is equally powerful and sovereign as He is intimate and personal.

In other news, we have been traveling… A lot. We have slept in our own beds six times in the last two and half weeks and have travelled by car (19 hours), train (6 hours), and plane (3 hours). For pics of our recent travels, click here. Where/why did we go?

  • Cazorla, province of Jaén: We enjoyed our missionary team’s yearly retreat at a country house in the Sierra de Cazorla mountains. We enjoyed three days of intentional time in prayer, sharing, and connecting with our teammates.IMG_4403IMG_4405
  • Cuéllar, province of Segovia: We were invited to investigate future ministry opportunitieswith the church there. We met Conchi, a beautiful, red-haired, high-spirited grandmother who didn’t look 81 years old. She met us upon arriving, helped us get settled and made us dinner. We also met a couple serving in the church, Pedro Pablo and his wife Arceli. We spent an afternoon with them in their home (an hour away from Cuéllar) and enjoyed good food, a long walk, and heartfelt conversations. We are thankful to have had lengthy conversations all together and also separately (husbands/wives). Castilla y León is also a very historic area (founded ca. 1000 A.D.) of Spain and we were intrigued by all the castles, history, and culture of this area.
  • Rivas, province of Madrid: What can we say about Rivas? In many ways it is the opposite of Cuéllar. During the Spanish Civil War, the city was razed to the ground and was later re-built under the Franco regime. We were surprised to learn that the majority of the 75,000 residents happen to be young families. We were received by one of the church elders, Amable (whose name means “kind”) and his wife Ester. It is difficult to get to know someone in a little more than 24 hours, but we left their home with a fondness as though we were good friends. We’re thankful for their hospitality and their openness to us.

We are are encouraged and we are thankful… for several things that help us refine our perspective as we seek His will in calling us to a new ministry location: 1) Counsel from our church leadership and teammates, 2) Honest evaluation, 3) Prayer, and 4) Our conviction of what He has called us to. As we look to end our time in Barcelona and start packing our things to journey to the U.S., we are filled with conviction, humility, and hope. Our identity in Christ moves us to our mission. In the gospel, we see that He has not only called us out and redeemed us but he has called us to something as well. We are convinced that Spain is where we are meant to be long-term and humbly ask, “How would you use us for the glory of Your name and the extension of Your kingdom?”

Praises & Petitions:

  • Praise Him for keeping us safe in all of our travels. On one of our trips, we came across a fatal accident that had happened just moments before. There were many curves in the road and a car lost control and collided with a large truck. We saw a person who had passed away and were solemnly reminded of how short our time is here.
  • Praise God for His great mercy and love to us. Our faith isn’t dependent on us–His Son is our reference for our trust in Him.
  • Please pray for our trust in God as we wait for Edu’s Green Card. Edu cannot enter the U.S. without it. Fortunately, our tickets are changeable. Unfortunately, it comes at a high cost.
  •  Please pray for the Lord to direct us and make His plans for us clear.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. We are thankful for your partnerships and encouragement which make it possible to not just “go” but to stay and invest long-term.


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