On the move!

We were able to return to our (old) apartment at the end of April. We waited a week to hear back from another apartment we made an offer on to find out they wouldn’t rent to us because the main source of our income is from the U.S. The owners and the real estate company saw us as too great a risk, assuming we probably wouldn’t be able to pay our rent, and didn’t want to have a hard time later trying to evict us. Low and behold, all things work together for our good and He knew what was better for us. We signed a lease on May 8, and had two days to scramble to pack everything. A group from church came with two cars to help us move on May 10. It was an all day adventure. Can you imagine us putting out Ikea bed together at 11:30p.m.?

Through relationships with the local church, partnerships with other mission organizations we’re encouraged to use those connections for missions in Spain. We are currently pursuing several options for future ministry and would be grateful for your prayers over the next couple of months as we prepare for a transition. Our time here has been of great challenge and blessing. We’re investigating ministry opportunities in Catalunya and elsewhere in Spain. The leadership of our local church here is helping connect us with churches and church planters who are looking to partner with others for the Gospel. We’re looking forward to confirming our future ministry before we return to the U.S, this December.

After submitting the paperwork last December, we are still in the first stage of acquiring residency for Edu in the U.S.. Because of this, our move to the U.S. is closer to December than what we had originally thought. We really haven’t had time to think about that much lately though because we’ve got a big project on the horizon…

Our first English Camp, June 23-27. Our local church has gotten behind this project and we’re hoping for 40 campers for our maiden voyage. Planning for this camp has been nothing short of miraculous. Time and again the leadership team has prayed, “Lord, we need you to show up. We need your help.” At one point, we had no camp director, no funds, no legal coverage, no insurance, and no camp curriculum. It has been an exercise in faith and prayer to ask for one step, see the Lord provide, and then ask for another. Today, almost all of those requests have been answered.

Due to the economic situation of many families in our area, we would like to let you know there is an opportunity to help sponsor a child for the English Camp. If you would be interested in helping send a student to English Camp for 60€/$80, please let us know. I spoke with the mother of two girls recently about signing up. She said that unfortunately, their car broke down this month and it cost €500 to have it repaired. She told me she has a part-time job but it ends at the end of June. After that they’ll only have one income. Her girls love English and all I could say was, “I understand”, when she told me they couldn’t afford it. I would love to be able to call her back and tell her there might be a way for her daughters to come if she’s still interested. We are hoping to help sponsor 10 campers for this year’s English Camp.

Please pray for the campers, their families, the volunteers, the safety of the children throughout the week, and that hearts would be softened to understand the Gospel. We hope to serve our city and be living testimonies to the children and families that will take part.

Thank you for your commitment to see the Gospel proclaimed in Spain. We are continually amazed to see the Lord provide for us through our ministry partners. We consider it a privilege to pray for you and serve together!


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