We made it!

Greetings from Texas!



After two cancelled flights, one unplanned night in Phoenix, and 40 hours of travel, we made it! We arrived on Sunday, December 8th, to an ice covered D/FW. There was so much ice on the roads, chains had to be put on the tires! There was more than 5 inches of ice on the ground when we arrived. We were shocked! Before leaving, people in Spain asked me, “Does it snow where you live?” I smiled and said, “Not really, not like in the north. We might have one or two days of bad weather, but it’s rare.” I never would have expected to see so much ice so early in December.

After getting over the first few days of time change and jet lag, we began the normal rituals of coming to the U.S., getting a cell phone, new insurance card, and confirming times to meet up with supporters and family. Of course, Olivia’s grandparents are spoiling her rotten and she is getting lots of grandma and grandpa time. Within the first few days of arriving, we introduced solids and she’s gotten two teeth. So far, so good. She’s eating and sleeping well.

We were able to go to the home office of Camino Global in Dallas and spend some time touching base with the leaders of mobilization and field ministries. We have a huge passion for short-term/mid-termers* and wanted to express our desire to serve more in this area.

We enjoyed worship at Denton Bible Church and were able to attend the Married Bible Fellowship class afterwards. Thanks for inviting us Justin and Sarah! It is surprising to think that one Sunday School class is larger than our entire church in Spain.

*Camino’s Mid-Term program is designed for those who have a desire to serve between 6 months and two years, or are contemplating serving longer term in the future. We think this length of time lets you go deeper than is possible in a short-term period like six to eight weeks.  Serving as a Mid-Termer provides an excellent opportunity to make a significant and real impact on the field while also focusing on discovery of God’s will and plan for your life over the long haul.

The Mid-Term commitment is a mentorship process. We like to call it an “apprenticeship”, allowing the person to work alongside and learn from us, while maintaining close contact with the Field Ministries department of Camino Global.  At the very least, an apprentice returns to their home culture more challenged and encouraged to do mission on a local level. What we really hope would come from this time is that people would see how possible it is to live and serve in a cross-cultural context.


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