Wouldn’t you like to know…

Wouldn’t you like to know…this is a list of interesting tid-bits from living in Spanish culture. The list may include, but is not limited to: food, people, expressions, daily living, language blunders, etc.

  • …it is perfectly acceptable for Spaniards to drink alcohol or liquor in the mornings, almost all bars/cafes are open and serve strong beverages in the mornings. 
  • …eating out at lunchtime is cheaper than eating out at night. Your average menú will go up a few €’s at night. 
  • …most homes here are not made of wood, they are made of stone and cement. Very few homes have insulation. 
  • …when renting a flat, it is normal to pay the first month’s rent, a fianza (deposit), and the real estate agent’s fee all up front. 
  • …some of our most rationed grocery items for us right now are fruit snacks, Lipton tea, and oatmeal from the U.S.
  • …we recently went to the U.S. consulate in Barcelona and were surprised to find that almost all of the employees we dealt with were not American, but Spanish. Some didn’t even speak English. I was asked to translate for a consulate employee and an American professor who couldn’t understand each other.
  • …on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights a recent blockbuster movie is shown on T.V.
  • ..some baking ingredients that I have yet to find here are ground cloves and allspice. 
  • …we walk almost everywhere we go; to church, to the pediatrician, to the post office, to meet friends, to buy groceries, to the hardware store, to get pictures developed, etc. 
  • …most children start public school when they are 3 years-old, the first year is called P-3. 
  • …most people don’t leave their blinds open at night, even though there are bars on almost all windows, especially ground and 1st floor apartments. 

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