Moving at high speeds…

Parenting Conference in Vilassar
Riding on the Ave to Madrid
La Familia García in Toledo
Over this past month we have been through a knee operation and hospital stay, a quick trip to Madrid for our general assembly meeting of Camino Global in Spain, Olivia’s baby dedication, a mini parenting conference, and much more. We are excited to share some recent stories, happenings, and prayer requests. Thank you for letting us share a window into ministry and our life in Spain.
Recovery from surgery…My knee operation went quite well and we are encouraged by my progress in the last few weeks. I was awake for the surgery but numb from the waist down. Because the surgery was done orthoscopically, right before starting, a nurse asked me if I would like to see the T.V. screen. I said yes, and he angled it toward me enough so that I could see what they were doing. Because of the drill and screws, I am now convinced that orthopedics and carpenters have very similar jobs. I have started physical therapy and have a long road ahead of me before getting back to running. Recovery has been slow but I can now walk without crutches and walk while holding Olivia. That’s progress!
Weekend trip to Madrid… We recently traveled to Madrid to visit with our CG colleagues before having our General Assembly meeting in Toldeo on Monday morning. Five years ago there were 10 Camino missionaries in Spain, today there are 20! How encouarging! We enjoyed connecting with other missionaries and hearing about their ministry. Because the airlines now charge for babies to fly, we traveled on the high speed train and covered nearly 400 miles in 2 1/2 hours. We are beginning to talk with our team leaders about what’s next for us after our time in Vilassar is up.
Olivia’s baby dedication… We invited several of our neighbors we have been witnessing to and were delighted that they came! Five of our neighbors accompanied us to church on a Sunday in October. Our pastor preached on “How Children Grow Us” and gave very practical wisdom on our need for the Gospel in parenting. We have been able to follow up with our neighbors and are hoping to have more conversations with them. We have also just learned that the couple that lives above us, are expecting a baby in May.
Praises & Petitions: 
  • Please pray for our preparations and time in the U.S. That we would receive Olivia’s U.S. passport in the next week, and that we would be able to establish new relationships with people to partner together in Spain while we are in Texas.
  • Prasie Him for providing for us! Not only was a substitute provided for my teaching job, but I have been asked to teach a few more English classes. We feel that we have been lavished with grace through generous people (in the U.S. and in Spain) over this last month.
Thank you for your encouragement and your prayers. We are looking forward to seeing you and catching up in person in less than a month!

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