Orthopedics and Carpentry…same or different?

What do drills, screws, staples, and saws have in common? They are all used by both orthopedics and carpenters.

With that said, my knee surgery went pretty well. We checked into the Cliníca Tres Torres last Wednesday and I headed to the OR about two hours later. When we met with the orthopedic a few days before the surgery, he mentioned that, “It really is unpleasant for the patients to hear the saw.” Can you imagine the look on my face? Ohh no, I thought I would be asleep for all this. He said, “No problem, we’ll sedate you.” This was the plan until a nurse in the OR asked me if I would like to see the television screen. “Hmm, this could be entertaining”, I thought. They had given me something which made me a little carefree, not giggly, or out of it, just really relaxed. So, that’s when I looked at the screen and saw a drill going into it at an angle and thought, “I’m glad I didn’t miss this.” I could hear the drill, but it didn’t bother me. The relaxed feeling had taken over. I watched for a while longer when they started cleaning up the torn meniscus and then dozed off. I woke up as they were finishing and they took me to post-op.

I stayed in the recovery room for an hour and was then taken up to my hospital room. They kept me on pain medicine throughout the night but then took me off of everything but ibuprofen by 7:00am the next morning. I was discharged Friday morning and got to go home to see my family-on my birthday! I ‘ve decided to do PT from home for now and when I progress a little more, I’ll do more PT in a medical center.

If you don’t want to see pictures, don’t scroll down.
























Main Portal
Main Portal
Scar from harvesting a part of the patellar tendon to make a new ACL.
Scar from harvesting a part of the patellar tendon to make a new ACL.

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