Beginning of Fall

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Texas visit… We have confirmed our travel plans to the U.S. in December. We arrive on Saturday, December 7th, and leave on January 4th. The purpose of our trip is to touch base with our supporters, visit family, and introduce little Olivia to you! We know the holidays can be busy but we would love to see you, even if all you have time for is a cup of hot chocolate! We look forward to setting up a time to see you!
We are settling into a new routine. I (Krista) am with Olivia in the morning and early afternoons while Edu is able to dedicate these hours to prepare sermons, bible studies, or meet with other men for discipleship. We switch in the afternoons and Edu works from home with Olivia while I teach English classes. Thankfully, the school is only 50 meters from our flat. However, it is hard for me to leave her in the afternoons. I know she is in the best hands, but I always come running home to see her. Speaking of running, that is purely metaphorical because I haven’t been doing any running and won’t be for some time.
Knee surgery… Last November, I was volunteer coaching with the volleyball club here in Vilassar. I was helping with a blocking drill and jumped up to reach for a ball. When I came down, I landed on my left leg first, and then my right. All of my body weight on my (unbalanced) left knee forced it to the left and I tore my ACL and my meniscus. At the time, I wasn’t sure what had happened. I had heard a pop and knew my knee was unstable but I was able to stand so after a while, I tried to play but realized I couldn’t and walked home. I went to see several orthopedics but there were lots of questions and no answers. My knee was so swollen the doctors couldn’t examine it very well, and without being able to do an MRI or an X-Ray (I was in the 1st trimester), they couldn’t confirm anything. A little over a week after Olivia was born, (7 months later) an MRI confirmed what I had torn many months ago. I have the surgery scheduled for Wednesday, October 9th. Edu’s oldest sister and her husband are coming to help take care of us before and after the surgery and we couldn’t be more grateful!
Praise & Petition:
  • Praise for working together for the Gospel. In the same way that people in the U.S. are partnering together to help reach Spain, people on the ground are too. We are encouraged to see the people of God working together for the Gospel. Edu participates with church leaders across the area that come together for meals, prayer time, and fellowship. We have recently met new missionaries, this past weekend there was a large bible conference in BCN, and our local church is opening up a Porterbrook Learning site to help equip people with biblical training.
  • Please pray for a substitute while I am out for surgery and later for our trip to the U.S. (3 1/2 weeks total). There is a possibility I will lose my part-time teaching job if a sub isn’t found. We aren’t there yet, but if that happened, we would have enough funds for our rent, and that is all. We are trusting our Father and asking Him to provide for us. We are not asking our supporters to sacrifice more than they already are, but we are asking 1) for you to please pray for this situation, that God would provide and that we would be faithful to trust and 2) If someone you know from your small group, a close friend, part of your church family, or missions group, is interested in knowing more about ministry in Spain, please let us know a way to contact them.
Thank you for your prayers! We are thankful to be able to serve in Spain and represent your love to the Father to those around us. We believe that He has already written our story, it is our job to trust and walk with Him.

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