Diada Nacional de Catalunya, 11 de Septembre 1714

September 11th is a national holiday here in Catalunya. Sept. 11th commemorates the day that the Catalan troops lost their struggle against King Phillip V of Spain at the Siege of Barcelona. The battle was fought during the War of Spanish Succession. For most Catalan people this is a very significant holiday and for many it is a reminder of the cause for Catalan independence. The yellow and red striped flag is the official flag of Catalunya today. However, the yellow and red striped flag with a blue triangle and a white star is a flag that represents Catalan independence.


We went out yesterday afternoon to see what all the fuss was about and were surprised to find the main streets closed off and see a human chain that went all the way across our town. We later found out it was part of an even larger human chain that covered 400 kilometers! Here are a few pics from what we saw yesterday!







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