Olivia’s birth story

...and After!
…and After!

We had plenty of time to think about how we wanted to have our little girl. We did our homework, read lots of books and articles, and learned a ton about this amazing process. Our due date came and went, and still no Olivia. We tried everything, spicy food, walking (lots!), but Olivia wasn’t giving any signs of making her appearance. At our last appointment, the OB said we would have to induce if she didn’t come in the next few days. So our d-day was set, she had until Tuesday morning at 10:00am to come on her own. On the way to the hospital, I still hoped that she would decide to come on her own. She didn’t.

We drove up to the Clinica Teknon, (which looks more like a hotel from the outdside than a hospital) and Edu went to park the car while my parents and I made our way to admissions. There was no wait and a woman kindly attended to us and then told us that someone would come to escort us to labor and delivery. My parents went upstairs to my hospital room to wait. Right before we walked into the labor and delivery area, it finally clicked that we would leave this place with a baby! After nine months, I had kind of gotten used to having her in my tummy and it hit me that this is it!

We were asked to change into hospital clothes and leave everything else outside in a locker. Once we were changed, a nurse led us into a room and said that the midwife would be there shortly. The midwife, Trini, came and to our disappointment said that I wasn’t dilated at all.  She put in an IV, and administered a prostaglandin gel to try and get labor going. When Trini left the room, I had to cry a little. My whole plan of labor wasn’t going at all like I had planned. I was getting stuck, examined, and wasn’t comfortable. Edu encouraged me saying I had to be brave and said I was doing a good job. I got over it after a few minutes. My doctor came by to see how I was doing, adjusted the light in the room, and got me a pilates ball. He said he would be back in a few hours to see how I was progressing.

Throughout the morning, every now and then a newborn’s cry would break the silence and Edu and I would look at each other and smile really big. Trini came back after a while to check on us and see if the gel had any effect. It hadn’t. She tried to see if she could break my water to speed things along but I wasn’t dilated enough. At this point, we knew we were in for several more hours so I asked Edu if he would mind letting my parents know how I was doing and to get the password for the hospital Wi-Fi from his backpack.

Labor for me meant a lot of waiting. For the next several hours, we took advantage of an iTunes giftcard we had received for Christmas and tried to relax and watch movies. Trini came by several times to see if I was progressing and each time it was a little more discouraging.

By the evening, my doctor came back and examined me again and reluctantly said, “Esto no pinta bien”. Meaning that things weren’t progressing. Trini was there with him and Edu and I asked what our options were. The doctor said that at this rate it could take 24-48 hours or more. The doctor recommended a c-section and we decided it was the best thing to do. I have asked myself several times since then if it was the best decision but, no going back. We asked how long the surgery would take, the risks involved, and the recovery time. After we talked through these things they began preparing me for the OR.

I walked to the OR, located on the other side of labor and delivery, and tried to stay as calm as possible. Edu was asked to wait in the room next door while they prepared me and the OR. It was very surreal as they gave me an epidural and I gradually lost feeling from the waist down. When it was time to start the surgery, Edu came in and sat next to me. I could feel pressure as the doctors began and started to get a little nervous so I asked Edu to tell me a story. He told me the story of how we met, dated, got engaged, and married. It was the perfect thing to hear. The story ended with Olivia being born at 7:22pm.


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