What’s {Up}

A new visitor, neighbors, and our next arrival! 
We are encouraged to share some of our recent stories and happenings with ministry and the people around us. Thank you for your partnerships and for being a part of what He is doing in Spain.

We would like to introduce you to Caitlin! Caitlin is a Texas native that we met last summer during our three months in the U.S. We have had the pleasure to host her as she invests two weeks in an exploratory “vision trip”. The goals of the trip have been to 1) Experience Spanish culture and 2) Investigate possible ministry opportunities. Caitlin has an interest in biblical counseling so we have been meeting with ministry leaders and biblical counselors to help give her an understanding of the realities and needs in Spain. We have also been able to introduce her to our church community by taking part in our church retreat, visiting small groups, meeting young people, and getting a taste for Spanish life. We met with a 25 year-old who has been serving in Spain for two months. And we also spent time with a woman whohas been serving in Spain for nearly twelve years. We hope that this trip has served as a practical window into Spanish life and ministry. Our prayer for Caitlin is that she would seek the Lord for the next step to discern wether He is calling her to be more missional at home in Texas, or to consider serving in a foreign context.
 “Do you drink tea?”, a voice called out from the window. I (Krista) was preparing a pasta salad for lunch in the kitchen and was caught off guard by a neighbor standing at the window. She pointed to an Arabic tea set sitting on our coffee table and asked again with a puzzled look on her face, “Do you drink tea?”
It was a warm day so I had opened the window for some fresh air. Our neighbor and her family live in the building next to ours and we often see them in the street or when we’re coming in/going out. We’ve tried to have conversations with them and they have always seemed polite, but also quite private. For this reason we were quite surprised to see her at our window.
“Yes, we drink tea.” I replied and went over to the window. We talked for the next half hour and were able to have more conversation than we have had in the past several months. Relationships are slow-going here but we are encouraged by getting to know her, hear about where she is from, and share more of who we are. The window visit ended with her bringing us Moroccan tea, us returning the favor with some Spanish sweets, and her return with homemade Arabic pastries and fresh flowers. We suggested we have tea together sometime and she said that she would like that. Please pray for more opportunities!
Dr. Bachs: “You’re a bull!” 
Krista: “Are you calling me fat?” 
This was a recent exchange of words resulting in cultural confusion between the OB/GYN and myself. In the U.S. you would not hear, or at least, I hope you would not hear a very pregnant woman being compared to a 1,000lb. beast. Looking back on this moment, I think it’s a good thing I wasn’t a little quicker, because if I could do it again, I think I might be tempted to say, “If I am a bull, you are a donkey!” I was a little offended and the nurse had to quickly assure me that this was a compliment and a Spanish way of saying that the results from my blood tests showed me to be very strong. We laugh about it now, but in the moment, it wasn’t so funny!
We are doing well and making the final preparations for baby Olivia’s arrival. Today marks 36 weeks/8 months! We are looking forward to Krista’s parents coming in June for three weeks and to visit the García’s (Edu’s family) in August.
Thank you for your support and prayers. We remember you often and pray for your needs and ministry. It is a pleasure and a privilege to represent you in Spain! If we can serve you in a more tangible way, please let us know.
In Christ,
Edu, Krista, & Baby

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