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Greetings! The rain in Spain does not fall mainly on the plains. We know this because it is falling outside the window! We are warm and dry and very encouraged to share a few stories from our relationships with the people around us.

Seth and Edu on the Camino de Santiago

“We tell him that all children have to go to the hospital…” An English student who has become more of a friend than a student, said these words to me as I accompanied her to her car. Her son is four years old and is struggling with a tumor wrapped around the nerves in his neck. Instead of leaving her at her car, I asked if I could buy her a cup of coffee and we sat and talked and cried in a coffee shop for more than an hour. I didn’t try to give her any quick answers, I just tried to listen and share words of hope with her. She told me that if she lost her job, she could find another. That if her mate left her, she would move on. But that in this battle, she is helpless and lost. The more we have gotten to know one another over the past few months, the more we have talked about Christianity, the church, Jesus, daily life, and suffering. The day before we cried together over coffee I was turning over the question, “What is faith, and how do I explain it?” in my head. Hebrews 11:1 encourages us saying, “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Being absolutely sure, having complete conviction, knowing that one day, our faith will be sight. Near the end of our time together in the coffee shop, I asked her how her son copes with so many questions and fears while in the hospital. She thought for a moment, and then said, “If I am there, he knows everything will be alright.” Her words reminded me of faith and trust and we ended our time together with a wonderful picture of a helpless child that puts his trust in the one who loves him.

We would like to introduce you to Seth, our intern who will be with us for 8 weeks. Seth graduated from Texas A&M in December and has come to serve with us until mid-April. Helping people have an idea of what serving in Spain is like (cultural stress, language, ministry, etc.), and helping people decide if Spain and missions is where God is calling them is something we are incredibly passionate about. My former team leaders walked alongside me (Krista) in my first few years of ministry in Spain, and I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for their love and care.

“Here is the head, the legs are here, and the arms are here. In 5 minutes, she will be in a different position” said our OB/GYN. That’s right, baby is a girl and weighs a little over a pound and a half. Within the past few weeks she has started to kick and we can now feel her moving when we put our hands on my tummy. We are a few days short of the third trimester and have a due date for June 20th. We have a checkup the beginning of each month with an ultrasound to see how baby is doing. We will keep you posted!

Thank you for helping make it possible to love others and share the amazing truth that Jesus chose a mortal life so that we might be made immortal and share eternity with Him. It is our privilege to represent you in España!

Until He returns,

Edu, Krista, & Baby


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