What’s {Up}

The word on the street…Last week we spoke to our neighbor, the carpenter, that told us, “I’m trying to make it as best I can.” Yesterday, we spoke with our friend, a gardener that asked the question, “Today, we have money to buy food, but when the time comes that we don’t…what will we do?” Tonight, we ran into another neighbor, a glassmaker, who said that, “We aren’t making it to the end of the month…” Spain is in the newspapers a lot these days for all the wrong reasons (strikes, politics, unemployment, etc.). For us, it makes us very thankful for the support we have and for the small jobs the Lord has provided for us. We try to serve others tangibly by taking them food, letting people stay with us for a few nights, or helping make ends meet.

We consider it a privilege to serve here in Spain during such a critical time and be part of the work the Lord is doing in his church and through his church. Edu is working alongside our pastor helping the church with spiritual formation, small groups, and teaching. He is also assisting other churches with spiritual formation and teaching. We made sugar cookies and jam to give as Christmas gifts to our neighbors and each one was very surprised that we thought of them. Even though we aren’t Catalan, our neighbors have been very open to talking with us. I (Krista) continue to work in the local school and have also started a one on one Business English class. It is very strange to our new friend that we are Christians and that Edu serves in our church as a pastor in training. It is even stranger to her that he is married! I would like to share a short dialogue that we recently had:

Student: Do you have peace?

Krista: Peace as in the absence of conflict?

Student: What I mean is, because of what you believe, do you have fewer problems and not fight as a couple?

Krista: (Laughing at first) What I know and understand to be true about God through His word and His gift of Jesus is what gives us purpose and helps us understand grace, forgiveness, and hope. BUT by no means are we free of sin and struggle.

Student: Then your commitment to God is what makes you a good person and gives you faith.

Krista: Actually, it is completely the opposite. We believe that it is us, as sinners who have disobeyed God. It is God’s commitment to us, in the person of Jesus, who sacrificed Himself for us and died in our place so that we might be reconciled to God and have a relationship with Him. God is faithful in spite of our unfaithfulness.

Praises & Petitions:

  • Please pray for our new intern who will be coming to serve with us for six weeks in February. We are looking forward to hosting him and serving together.
  • Please pray for our friends and neighbors who do not know the Lord, that these people would understand something of Jesus by what we share with them and how we live.
  • Please praise Him for new life! Baby García is doing well and growing every day. We go back to the doctor on Thursday and we might be able to find out if this little one is a boy or girl!
  • Praise Him for providing for us each month! With so much need around us, it reminds us to be generous with others and be thankful for the small things.

Thank you for your partnership to share the Gospel in Spain. Thank you even more for loving the Lord and letting the overflow be a blessing to others.


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