Settling in…por fin!

After four months of a nomadic lifestyle we are excited to announce that we signed a lease for a flat Tuesday November 6th, and started moving in on Wednesday. There are still boxes and odds and ends laying about but we’re excited to share the latest with you! 

 A new city…On a whim, I (Krista) went to the city rec center to get more information about the volleyball club and offer to volunteer if they needed any coaches. I met the director and he told me that, “I have been doing this for thirty years and no one has ever offered to just come and help. You have filled my heart with gladness!”. I have been helping coach a few of the teams and am enjoying getting to know the girls and the other coaches. 

 The local elementary school contacted our church and asked if there was anyone who would be willing to work as an English teacher for the children that stay from 1:00-3:00PM for lunch and recess (most Spanish schools have class two times a day with a break in the middle for lunch and siesta). Tomorrow I (Krista) start my third week and am trying to memorize about 300 new names. It has been fun to run into my co-workers in the grocery store or see some of my students playing in the park and call out, “Hello!”

 Edu is dedicating much time to pastoral ministry with our lead pastor. Much of his time is spent in planning, making visits, sermon preparation, and meeting with various people from the church for times of discipleship. Edu worked as a carpenter before studying at seminary and has found a local carpenter that asked him to come by a little closer to the New Year to see if there is anything he could help with. We are both looking forward to using our new home as a place of blessing and hospitality to others. We have more stories we would like to share and plan on doing so, poco a poco! Thank you for letting us represent you in España! 

In Him,

Edu & Krista


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