Texas –> España

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This was written last Friday, the day we departed for Spain.

Camino Global has given us the green light...¡Eureka! We have been officially appointed as long-term missionaries with Camino Global. After three days of interviews, meetings, and a mutual time of sharing, on September 19th, we were formally accepted. We took personality tests and a comprehensive marriage inventory that we talked through while we were on campus. On our last day, we enjoyed a “Welcome” luncheon with the entire Camino home office staff. We feel that we have a great “family” pulling for us at home and that is very encouraging.

 Travel to California…this past week, we made one last trip to the west coast. We were able to visit friends for several days in the Redwood Forrest and then travelled south to visit a church. Through a series of cancelled flights and re-routing to another airport in Oregon, we were finally able to arrive Sunday afternoon for Edu to preach and have an opportunity to share about ministry in Spain. Our heart was to be a blessing and encourage the church to pray for the needs overseas.

 ¡Qué maravilla! What we saw in California left us amazed: 1)We saw the Redwood Forrest, where the tallest trees in the world grow. 2) We ate breakfast one morning looking out on a group of seals. 3) On a hike, Edu saw two black bears! These days in California were especially meaningful to us. We enjoyed friendship, sweet fellowship, and the beauty of God’s creation.

 Hasta luego…We are returning after three months of some much needed encouragement, hugs, prayers, and rest. We also desired to connect with our support team. We have been able to thank many of our supporters face to face as well as visit many churches, ministries, and even serve here in Denton with Vision ministries when we were able. Several prayer requests are being answered regarding support and we are encouraged that many people are considering being a part of ministry in Spain. En fin, we leave better than when we arrived, emotionally, spiritually, and economically. We believe this has nothing to do with us and our efforts, but God’s grace to us!

Con cariño,

Edu & Krista


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