Keeping things weird…

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Greetings! We have been in Austin this past week and for this update, we are going to “keep things weird” and do this update a little differently.

We have continued to meet with supporters and visit family over the past few weeks but we have also enjoyed many other adventures. To give you a glimpse of some of our favorite moments we have arranged our stories into High’s and Low’s. Enjoy!

  •  High: Going to a university football game and tailgating beforehand. Low: Trying to explain and understand the American phenomenon of tailgating.
  • High: Eating delicious roasted goat at a Mexican restaurant. Low: Eduardo accidentally ate a jalapeño pepper and in his word’s, “almost died”.
  • High: Driving through Texas hill country and enjoying the scenic views. Low: Getting a flat tire along the way.
  • High: Great tickets to the Texas Rangers baseball game a few rows behind home plate. Low: The Rangers lost to the Mariners.
  • High: We found out that we will be able to ship a box of kitchen supplies (pots and pans) to Spain. Low: The best price we have found is a little less than $300.00
  • High: We had dinner with two UT students (Hola Raquel y Miguel!) that came on a six week short-term trip to Barcelona last Summer. We were encouraged and challenged to see their passion for living the Gospel. Low: We didn’t want to say goodbye to them after our dinner together.
  • High and Low: We have plane tickets to return to Spain in 17 days! We are praying that the Lord would make the most of our time here and help provide the remaining support that we need. We are excited to return but have also thoroughly enjoyed our moments together with family, old friends, and new ones.

These are a few anecdotes to show that we continue on the journey and are so thankful to share it with you!

Your Servant’s in Christ,

Edu & Krista


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