What’s {Up}

It seems incredible, but we have been back in the U.S. over a month now!

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Connecting with you… Many times over the last few weeks we have found ourselves sitting around a table or on comfy couches talking with friends and supporters of how life is and what changes have taken place in our lives since we last saw one another. It doesn’t hurt that these times are also accompanied by air conditioning, much laughter, and delicious American food/desserts! These times have blessed us, and we want to say thank you. Thank you for: inviting us to eat lunch with you, thank you for inviting us into your home, thank you for pizza and the FC Dallas soccer game, for inviting us to the missions committee meeting, for the cream-cheese and cherry dessert, for coffee and conversations, for simply sharing your lives with us! We hope to share many more moments and enjoy what God is doing – together!

Connecting with kids… We recently had the opportunity to help with two events focused on children’s ministry. The first was in Fairway apartments here in Denton. We shared the Gospel message through bible stories, games, and scripture memory. We never knew how many kids would come each day but every day we had a few boys attend that only spoke Spanish. We did the entire program bilingually each day and were able to speak with many parents as well. The second event we helped with was VBS at Trinity UMC and we thoroughly enjoyed it! The theme was “David in Babylon”. For me, (Edu) it was interesting since everything was in English and therefore I wasn’t able to understand much but I had a great time playing with the children (3-5 yrs), reading, and helping them with crafts.

Connecting with each other… By far, one of the best days we have had was August 6th, celebrating our first anniversary! ¡Que maravilla! The Lord has truly been merciful to us in many ways over this past year and we give Him the credit for giving us grace, caring for us, and continuing to teach us about His profound love. To celebrate we had a special lunch and then spent the night in a hotel that was very similar to Selah, the bed and breakfast where we spent our honeymoon.

These are just a few lines to express what we’ve been learning, doing, and enjoying over the last few weeks. Thank you for your partnership, for your sacrifices and gifts, for your prayers and petitions.

Petitions & Praise:

  • Please pray for us as we seek to develop relationships with others to partner together for the Gospel.
  • Please pray for our relationship as husband and wife, that we would be wise in our habits (communication, discipline, spending, etc.) and lay solid foundations for future years of family and ministry.
  • Praise Him for keeping us healthy and safe through our travels.
  • Praise Him for Krista’s re-entry to Dallas Theological Seminary to continue working towards her Master’s degree.

Thank you for journeying with us!

Edu & Krista


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