An Altar{ed} Heart

con·vo·ca·tion: noun.

1. the act of convoking. 2.the state of being convoked. 3.a group of people gathered in answer to a summons; assembly.

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This last week we celebrated convocation in Estes Park, Colorado, with our mission Camino Global. This year our mission agency turned 122 years old! It was established in 1890 with the purpose of taking the Gospel to the Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas. This vision has not been changed per se, but rather updated. Our mission agency is no longer limited to reach spanish countries in North, Central, and South America. But rather changing the vision to serve Spanish speakers and partner with Spanish speakers around the globe (hence Camino Global).

We met new friends, connected with old ones, and dreamed of new ways to serve and reach the culture we live in. It was inspiring to see nearly 450 partners, pastors, missionaries, and leaders, coming together with the same heart. Knowing Him and making Him known.

High’s of Convocation:

  • Meeting the new president of Camino Global. Hola Douglas!
  • A break from the Texas heat (the day we left CO it was 68 degrees).
  • Afternoon breaks sitting in the rocking chairs on the front porch looking out over the Rocky mountains.
  • Watching (and chasing) dozens of prairie dogs throughout the grounds of the YMCA.
  • Connecting with the 7 couples that serve in Spain with Camino Global

One of the most impactful moments we shared was when we remembered the many late missionaries that have served with Camino. On Monday morning we watched a presentation remebering those that have gone before us and given many years of service. In all, the total number of years served was 1,126. Many are sowing and reaping today what those faithful missionaries planted.

Our hope is that what has happened in the Americas will repeat itself in Europe. One of the church leaders from El Salvador mentioned the fact that 100 years ago there were no Evangelical churches in Central America. Today, there are more than 1,000. My (Krista) professor of Pentateuch often said that, “What has happened in the past is an example and an encouragement of what God will do in the future, but he is to creative to do the same thing twice.”

When we speak of sending out workers into the harvest, it means men and women with an altar{ed} heart, a heart set upon the altar of God. Because an idolatrous heart cannot be an altar{ed} one at the same time. An altar{ed} heart is a heart that relinquishes control and recognizes it’s own insufficiency. The funny thing about ministry is that it really is, “God asking us to do what we cannot do with what we do not have. But by trusting in Him, we are able to do all that He wants us to do because in Him alone lies all the power.” Our passion is that we would have transformed lives and altar{ed} hearts to glorify Jesus in our service to Him.


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