What’s {Up}

¡Saludos! We hope you are well! We have such good news to share!

The last time we wrote, we mentioned various ministries in which we are involved. I (Edu) had just started to teach part of our “Basic Bible Doctrine” class in our church and we also mentioned that I would be beginning a four part sermon series on the book of Ruth. This past Sunday, I finished the sermon series and the truth is that is has been of great blessing to me. Thank you for your prayers as we continue to serve in ministry and teaching. 

On another note, we have confirmed a date to go to Granada at the end of this month and visit some American missionaries. Aaron and Holly are a couple that has been serving in Spain for the last several years and form part of a church plant in Granada. At the end of this month, the church they serve in will turn three and they are planning a big celebration. They have asked us to come and celebrate with them and to teach in the church on Sunday. 

Another church in Cadiz, also in southern Spain, has invited us to come and visit. It seems that this church is searching for a pastor and we understand that this trip might be to test the waters. We would like to thank you again for your prayers and  ask that you pray that the Lord would show us the church where He would like us to serve in the future.  

As you can see, we are open to listen and look for more information about pastoral ministry. We are not in a formal interview process (we would like to spend at least one more year interning here in Vilassar) but at the same time we wouldn’t necessarily close the door if opportunities presented themselves. For right now, our tentative plans are: 
  • Train new staff members to take our roles and hand over our ministry to capable workers. Prepare for our departure from IBSTE after the graduation in late June
  • Come to the US in July to visit you, yes you! Pray for new partnerships, and apply for long-term appointment with CAMino Global (new name!).
  • Return to Spain in October, and actually be (live) where our local church is. Right now we are about an hour, más o menos, from our church in Vilassar de Mar. This is something very important to us, to be able to live in a community, build relationships with our Spanish neighbors and share life with them. We are already doing these things, just from inside the bubble 🙂 
We want to thank you for your generosity with us, your kindness is represented to us in your prayers and your sacrificial gifts. Without a doubt, it comforts us to know we’re not alone. You very much form part of our life here and we don’t want to ever grow weary in thanking you. 

Your servants in Christ, 
Edu & Krista

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