Making new decisions, 34 hours in Málaga, & Mentoring

You might be asking yourself, didn’t I just get an update? And you would be absolutely right, but we thought, “Why try and cram one, or two (gulp*) or even three months into an update?” It’s just not necessary! Why not keep in touch by communicating with less information but more often that is actually more current and relevant? We’re open to trying new things, so here goes:
Making new decisions
-As we mentioned, we are in the midst of making decisions and need your prayers! We are considering some ministry changes, under our current circumstances, I carry a lot of the work load out of home and Edu works more inside the home, preparing sermons, planning chapel times, cleaning, etc. While there is no problem with us, we don’t want it to be this way forever. More and more, we see ourselves in the local church, especially Edu as a pastor. Serving at the seminary has made it possible to continue in Spain even though monthly support has decreased. In exchange for our service, we receive some meals during the week and a free roof over our head. The monthly support we do receive goes toward groceries, medical expenses, basic things like shampoo, detergent, I think you get the picture. To take steps of faith and move into a different season, ministerially speaking, we are 1) Asking the Lord to confirm this by putting things in place for a transition (Providing financial support, a place to live, becoming appointed as official CAM missionaries) 2) Praising Him for the contentment we are able to find in Him, I said this many times as a single person and now we say it together as a married couple, “We want what He wants, nothing else. We are willing to go and to be who He would ask us to be and to do that which He would ask us to do.”
-We were invited to preach not this past Sunday but the one before in a church (in Málaga) that is currently without a pastor. We had a lovely time with the couple that hosted us, got sorely beat by a grandma that knew Bible trivia better than the two of us put together (BTW, can you name three books that Paul wrote from prison?). Edu did a great job teaching about crises and faith in the book of Ruth…and just to be honest, a funny story: As I am getting into the car at the airport in Málaga, I ripped the only pair of jeans that I brought with me and had to go through the next 34 hours walking funny and making sure my back was to a wall, any wall, at all times. Should the invitation arise, we would be delighted to visit and teach in this church again; however, I’ll pack an extra pair of jeans next time!
-Edu left this morning for a pastor’s conference near Madrid. He had to drive through mountains, snow, and lots of rain but after 7 hours, he and the other two men he went with made it safely to Alcazar de San Juan. It is a gathering of pastors here in Spain to connect, refuel, share vision, and just enjoy good fellowship. I think Edu, Steve, and Diego were initially most excited about the drive and the conversations in the car! Please pray that this would be a time of fellowship and encouragement for the people that teach and preach God’s Word to the Spanish church.

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