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¡Saludos desde Castelldefels, España! We are Edu and Krista García and this is our first monthly update. Thank you for letting us share how we are (really), what we’re up to, and what’s on our heart’s.

It’s a little hard to believe, but we stepped off the plane from our whirlwind wedding adventure a little over a month ago. We have hit the ground running and are in the full swing of ministry, daily activities, and completely loving it! We consider it a tremendous blessing of the Lord to have been able to spend a month (two weeks in Texas and two weeks in Gran Canaria) with our friends and families. It was my first time in the Spanish Canary Islands and it was Edu’s first visit to the USA.

First Impressions: Krista’s Reflections on the Canary Islands
These people are different. They talk even faster than the people did in Andalucíá and they have a completely distinct accent. Canarios use a different way of addressing people in groups than other Spaniards. I suppose it would be comparable to how Texans use “y’all” but an even greater jump grammatically. The islands are beautiful and the terrain is incredibly diverse, ranging from deserts to a tropical paradise. In the distance that it takes to go from Denton to Dallas, you cover almost the entire island of Gran Canaria from North to South.

First Impressions: Edu’s Reflections on Texas
One of the biggest things that impressed me from my time in Texas, was the friendliness of the people. Everywhere we went, people were very kind and respectful (the only exception was passing through the immigration control in DFW). Also, the cars are huge! Even the elderly people drive big pick-ups. However, it wasn’t the car that surprised me the most it was the way that people drive. People actually stopped at the stop signs and stoplights. Also, the sheer size of the malls and public parks astounded me.

Married life…
Marriage is a gift from God! It is a living example of His grace and mercy to us. We are  learning a lot, taking things as they come, and discovering so much about this new person that you spend 24 hours of the day with (well, not quite that much!). We have a date night every week and look forward to it. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a walk or drinking a café con leche, just time to enjoy being together.

From Eduardo…
Dear Brothers & Sisters,             
 Perhaps many of you don’t know me, therefore, I think it’s best to write and introduce myself. My name is Eduardo García and I am from the Spanish Canary Islands, Gran Canaria to be exact. I’m the youngest of seven and within a few days (this Saturday) I’ll turn thirty-four. But most importantly, I am a sinner. Before I had a relationship with Christ, I was full of wickedness and an enemy of God. But in Christ I have been redeemed, bought, and declared righteous before God. My greatest joy is to be called a “child of God” (John 1:12), this is my identity, a pardoned sinner with the purpose of serving a holy God. I am also a happily married man. A little over a month ago, Krista and I were married in Denton, Texas. God is truly good and amazing. His grace amazes me and fills me with joy. Now that you know me a little better, I’d like to explain a little about what we’re up to…

Theory & Practice
In June I (Edu) graduated from IBSTE (Instituto Biblico Seminario Teologico de España).  These last four years have been a great blessing in my life and God has continually confirmed His call in my life to serve in ministry. During this year (now to the end of next Summer) I will continue studying and be serving in our church (Vilassar de Mar) doing a pastoral internship. I will be preaching, helping with Sunday School, and Krista and I will be leading a small group together. Later on in October, we will return to the Canary Islands for a youth retreat. I have been asked to be the speaker and preach on the topic of service and discipleship. We believe that our greatest purpose as a couple is to serve Christ, being conformed to his image and character.

¡Muchas gracias! Moltes grácies!
Thank you for your prayers and gifts. We consider it a great privilege to minister together and represent you in the Spanish church. We pray for you daily, we ask specifically for protection and that the Lord would deepen your love for Him. Please also remember us in your prayers, specifically for our marriage, that we would be a testimony of Christ and the Church. Ask also for wisdom, a great application of truth in our lives, as we both dedicate many hours to people and full-time ministry. Our desire is to see men and women understand, believe, and be transformed by the Gospel (Christ crucified and Christ risen). Thank you for your gifts and prayers as we work together exalting Him among the nations. As the famous missionary William Carey said to his friends and supporters, “I will venture to go down into the well, but remember that you must hold the ropes.”

Your Servants in Christ,

Edu & Krista


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