What a day.

We really have no idea how much the Lord cares for us and looks after us. This is a rather danger-filled update that could make the hairs on your arm stand up!  A few examples of how the Lord has been looking out for me {us} here at the seminary.

At about 1:00AM on Sunday morning, I got a knock on my door. I knew it had to be something important because people don’t knock just to say hello, even if you do live in Spain, at that hour. A fully-awake Christopher (second-year student) mumbled something about being sorry to disturb me, but that he thought I should know that a pine tree had just fallen on part of the building.  The incredible thing is that the pine tree fell in such a way that it just barely missed the power generator. It did destroy the outer wall of the building and unfortunately it also fell on top of the front part of Christopher’s car (which had only been out of the shop 24 hours). The tree fell on an electric cable but the firemen were quickly able to cut the line and keep everyone out of danger.

Yesterday, our entire food order did not arrive in time so I went to the grocery store to buy fruit and bottles of water. Upon backing up, I scratched the right side of the car along one of the underground pillars that holds up the mall. It also broke the right-hand side mirror. Luckily, it was not another car or a person that I hit. We took the car to the shop and it is in the process of getting fixed.

Today, someone left the gas stove on in the mini-kitchen of the student area. The entire lower part of the building was flooded with gas and had to be aired out. Luckily, no one in the building lit a match or sparked a flame. We are now investigating a way to put a detector in that area of the kitchen.

Whew! I get nervous just typing this stuff. Thank Him for guarding us and protecting us! Sometimes I say that my job feels like putting out “fires”, with the way things are going, I really wouldn’t be surprised if that’s around the corner.


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