I’m marrying a Canary!

 What was once a joke (falling in love with a handsome Spanish man) has now come true, except that he is also one of the most honorable, respectful, and servant-hearted men I have ever met. Most importantly, he loves the Lord more than he loves me and seeks to serve others with a love that resembles Christ. We will be married in Denton, Texas, on August 6th, 2011. In thinking about our relationship and how the Lord has brought us together, the word that comes to mind is grace. I receive what I don’t deserve by the merits of Christ. Grace, forgiveness, and hope are the words that season our conversations. We will be returning to Barcelona soon after the wedding to continue serving here in Spain. How exciting to serve with someone, to be an encourager and be encouraged in ministry. This next year, I will fulfill my commitment with the seminary and continue on as the residency coordinator while Edu (Eduardo) takes on a full-time pastoral internship with the pastors in our church.
Edu & Krista
¡Que guapo! He's handsome!

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