A change of seasons…

Boarding call…
So much was accomplished in my short six weeks in Texas, not a minute was wasted! Here’s a few of the things I enjoyed most…
  • Being SO encouraged by the churches, my brothers and sisters in the faith, the ministries, the joy, and the perseverance of the saints at home.
  • Co-leading the Gospel Station with Luisa at the Hidalgo Kid’s Ministry.

  • Laughing so hard I could cry with friends!

  • Free wifi, and delicious coffee, in our wonderful, big, cozy cafe’s.
  • Going to The Cheesecake Factory for the 1st time ever!
  • Conversations with my supporters, getting to share what you’ve helped make possible.
  • Playing volleyball.
  • Buying (good) deli meet in the grocery stores.
  • Going to the Denton Public Library.
  • Getting to drive and not grip the wheel so much from feeling so stressed, wondering if the other car is going to yield/stop like it should at the intersection, roundabout, or red light.
  • Listening to worship songs in English!
  • Listening to sermons in English!
As I was going through security at the airport, I thought, “This is it. It’s time to go.” My last few days were a flurry of good friends, sweet conversations, encouraging words, and feeling full of hope about the new season of life before me. I left D/FW Wednesday the 16th, and arrived in Barcelona Thursday night.
I adjusted to the time change and have had two full weeks (I am thinking about writing another update on these first two weeks alone. But I don’t want to overload you with e-mails!) I’m settling into my casita (little house) well and working on organizing my workspace and living area. The school year begins here at IBSTE, this coming Monday. Living in a foreign city is very different from living in a foreign town. There is a centro comercial (mall) within a few minutes, big grocery stores, and even an IKEA! These stores have already come in handy for seminary errands, decorating ideas, organization, hospitality etc. I also immediately feel that life is a little more efficient here (not too efficient, because it’s still Spain), but for some reason, it feels like more can be accomplished in a day.
IBSTE Seminary
I’m in Spain, but definitely feel a little like a fish out of water…I walk around hearing people jabber away in Catalan (The most used language in Cataluña), I don’t see vacant streets and sidewalks during the siesta, and the slow paced lifestlye of Andalucía is nowhere to be seen. Welcome to life in an urban area! The seminary has been very welcoming and I’m excited to hit the ground running. More than anything, I’m filled with hope about what He is doing in this place, and am excited to worship Him here.
Lord of Lords by Hillsong United
Beholding your beauty is all I long for
To worship You Jesus with my soul’s desire
For this very heart you’ve shaped for your pleasure
The purpose to lift your name high
Hear and surrender in pure adoration
I enter your courts with an offering of praise
I am Your servant come to bring you glory
As is fit for the work of your handsNow unto the lamb who sits on the throne
Be glory and honor and praise
All of creation resounds with the song
Worship and praise him the Lord of Lords


Hope for me is looking back at the cross. Seeing what was accomplished on behalf of Christ, for us. Hope is being confident about the future. Lately, I have been growing in my view of hope through what the Lord is doing in the lives of the students, administrators, and volunteers of Ibste. I’m in the middle of all of it and have the opportunity to serve others and love others well. Paul writes to the church in Philippians saying, “…if there is any encouragement in Christ, any consolation of love, any fellowship of the Spirit, any affection and compassion, that we would be one, united for one purpose (2:1-2). Any encouragement, love, fellowship, etc.? There is an abundance! He is using the encouragement, love, fellowship of the Spirit, affection, and compassion of His people here to glorify Himself.

My heartfelt prayer is that your heart would be directed to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ (2 Thessalonians 3:5).  Thank you for all your encouragement, support, and participation in what the Lord is doing in Spain!
Until He comes,

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