luisa + texas = viaje misionero

Well, Luisa has come and gone, three weeks has flown by! I got back to Dallas, Sunday, August 1st, and Luisa arrived (flying by herself on a plane for the second time in her life, with a layover in London Heathrow (one of the biggest airports in the world and under construction) and navigated through terminals, security checks, baggage claims, and customs officials, to have me waiting for her to come through the International Arrival Doors of DFW airport!) on Wednesday, August 3rd. She left for Madrid on Wednesday, August 25th.

To make it simple, I’ll break up what we did, where we went, and how we served into a more organized fashion…

At the rodeo...
Dinner for supporters...
España + USA

Week 1: After adjusting to the 7-hour time change, we visited some churches in Denton and got to know some ministries here in the city. One evening, my dad took us to the Mesquite Championship Rodeo and she loved it! On Saturday, August 7th, we helped host a dinner to thank my team of supporters for their prayers and support. Luisa shared a brief powerpoint about the “state of Spain” and also shared her testimony. The next day, we visited Trinity UMC, went to Sunday School, and had a really encouraging time worshipping.

Week 2: We headed to San Antonio area (New Braunsfels/Canyon Lake) and spent some time with the Linskey family who hosted us and introduced us to churches and youth groups in the area. Becky Linskey met Luisa five years ago when she was serving in Úbeda as a missionary and now lives in the Canyon Lake area with her husband and baby. After leaving Canyon Lake, we went to Austin area and visited the Church of Horseshoe Bay where we attended two services and had the opportunity to talk with many members about Spain and what He is doing there.

Us with the Linskey Fam
Talking with members at the Church in Horseshoe Bay
Kids meeting

Week 3: We served with Hidalgo (a ministry that reaches out to Spanish speakers in inner city Dallas) and it was our joy and privilege to share the Gospel, with 60-75 kids daily, talking about the life of Jesus, our need, his death, his resurrection, and the free gift of salvation offered to us. We used some neat illustrations to meet the kids on their level. An interesting thing was that our time with the children was entirely in Spanish, this is significant due to the fact that many children in the apartment complexes speak Spanish as their first language.

The theme of the Backyard Bible Club
Worship time with the kids
Director of Hidalgo, Stephen, & Luisa

Some hard things for a Spaniard in the US (Tx) were…

  • seeing guns for sale in Wal-Mart.
  • not having a siesta every day.
  • getting used to new eating times, 8AM, 12PM, and 6PM versus, 10AM, 2PM, and 9PM.
  • seeing that men had to ask a woman to dance when we went country dancing.
  • riding in the car a lot and driving for long periods of time.
  • spicy (mexican) food.
  • understanding why we say “Please” and “Thank you” so much.

Some funny things for a Spaniard in the US (Tx) were…

  • how much she got into the Rangers game we went to, yelling “Corre! Corrrrrreee!” (Run! Ruuunnn!)
  • her laughing every time she saw somebody wearing a cowboy hat.
  • her thinking that we don’t throw toilet paper into the toilet.
  • her constant commenting on how hot it is in Texas.
  • her loving the word, “Yeeee–Hawwww!” I think she just loved yelling it more than the word.
  • her seeing the prices of clothes, groceries, books, and CD’s, and saying “Everything is so cheap!”
  • her going to Wal-Mart and Super Target and marveling at how you can buy everything under the sun in one store.
  • her turning the radio to a Mexican station and seeing it wasn’t the same AT ALL as music in Spain.
  • her laughing over the Mexican accent being so different from a Spanish accent.
  • her saying “FROSTY!” every time we drove by a Wendy’s.

All in all, it was a very fulfilling three weeks. Without a doubt, her faith has increased and she trusts Him more. The Lord did some miraculous things to bring her here, keep her safe, use her, show her more of Himself, and send her back safely. As we were driving to the airport, she said that she would miss the hospitality of the people, the one-stop shopping at Wal-Mart and Super Target, and the country music : )


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