An abbreviated update…

Since this is an update between updates, I thought I would make it short! It’s hard to believe, but in a little less than a week, I’ll be packing my bags to begin my journey home. For me, this is a good time for reflection/evaluation. I tend to be a thinker so I’m looking forward to processing my experiences this year and sharing the final products with you on Saturday, August 7th! If you did not receive an e-mail invitation, please let me know!


The first ever Escuela Biblica de Verano for Úbeda and nearby town Baeza, is history! I hear several cheers – some because we’re finished, and some because of what God did for us. Things went smoothly, of course there are always unexpected things! We had several rowdy and uncontrolled kids attend. But by God’s grace, one boy showed a real change of heart. He even accepted a book about the Bible – he wouldn’t accept a Bible itself. Some visitors were quite impressed by the high moral nature (hence, Biblical) of the lessons and the way the activities met the kids at their own level. The adults that stopped by to see what we were doing, really opened up some new contacts for dialogue. We were able to clearly present the Gospel; so pray that the seeds sown in their hearts won’t be ripped out or dried up and blown away.

Playing games during the EBV

On the lighter side of things, I headed up the games and did a little acting. When there are only eight volunteers, it goes without question that you’ll be doubling up on your responsibilities 🙂 In our craft time, amongst other things, we made little money-banks, to collect funds for the local Multiple Sclerosis Association.

Thank the Lord with us for his goodness in allowing us to present the gospel and reflect Jesus Christ to the kids. Thank him, too, for the three summer interns who really made an impact with our youth and the EBV.

Summer interns; Kelly, Meredith, & Khyrstyne

BCN = Barcelona

It’s official, the Lord has clearly opened doors and answered prayers in a big way. After a good time waiting on the Lord, I know where I’m heading. Next year, I will be serving at Ibste Seminary in Casteldefells, Barcelona.

Ibste Graduation Ceremony June 2010
Ibste Seminary

Hope, this is the word I’ve been dwelling on for the past week or so. It’s going to be difficult to leave Andalucía and start a fresh in Cataluña. The people that I’m surrounded by here, have been my family for the past two years. More than thinking of the hard goodbyes, what has been foremost in my mind are two things:

  • He has been using me here and at the same time, preparing me for future things. It’s because I have these two years of love, service, ministry, teaching, that I’m now being sent on.
  • I look back on the things that He has done that only He could do, the ways He has provided, the ways He has blessed our efforts, the changed hearts, the closer walk with Him, and I have to be encouraged!

What God has done in the past is a model and a promise of what He will do in the future. However, He is too creative to do the same thing twice. We have a faithful God but His faithfulness is always shown in a time when we think His faithfulness is impossible, but that’s when it is seen best.

The Lord’s sovereignty is pretty sweet. I’m on the organizing committee for Misión Posible 2011, and wouldn’t you know, of all cities in this country, Misión Posible is based out of Castelldefels, the same city where I’ll be living! His will is p e r f e c t !

RSVP = ?

I confess, I really don’t know what that stands for. But, I do hope to see you Saturday, August 7th, at 7:00PM to eat dinner, share pictures, music, (maybe a game?) and celebrate what He has done this year. If you will be unable to attend, please let me know so that we can meet together another time!

Hasta pronto,


P.S.If you haven’t heard, Spain won the WORLD CUP!


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