Misión Posible 2011

You might be asking yourself, does that mean, “Mission Possible”? And yes, it does!

I’m going to try to better explain what MP is…

Who: All of the evangelical youth of Spain, ages 12/13ish-35ish, there’s not really a limit.

What: A conference to come together, study God’s word, meet other believers, worship, pray, serve, and be sent back out.

When: Easter week, April 18th-24th, 2011

Where: So sorry, but for the time being, it’s classified. As soon as it’s set in stone and out in the open, I’ll let ya know 😉

Why: Because He is worthy, and He is the Lord our God (Rev. 4:11).

But maybe you still might have a few more questions…

  • Q: MP, who is planning this thing and how does it work?
  • A: Misión Posible is planned by a seven member committee made up of 3 pastors, 2 missionaries, and 2 other evangelical leaders (five Spaniards, one Irish, and one American). Each person is given a handful of major tasks which cannot possibly be completed on their own, such as inscriptions, stands, communication, international visitors, pastoral care, transportation, etc. Obviously, no one person can handle any one of those things. Each of the seven members have their own team which helps them delegate and plan.
  • Q: What’s your role?
  • A: I am on a team, and then I also will need to develop a team that helps plan, prepare for, and serve during MP.
  • Q: When is MP?
  • A: Misión Posible takes place April 18th-24th, 2011 (Easter week).
  • Q: How long has this been going on and how often does it occur?
  • A: It started six years ago and takes place every two years.
  • Q: Are you getting paid?
  • A: No.
  • Q: How did MP start?
  • A: It started with a group of pastors desiring to have a missions conference for the younger believers of their churches.
  • Q: How many people come?
  • A: Last year, 1,400 jovenes from all over Spain (and a few other countries) came. It has been growing substantially every time.

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