my {most} favorite language blunder

Here’s how it goes…hmm, back up, you should know a few things beforehand. Let me give you some examples of how strong the Andalucían accent is.

Spanish: ¡Juan!

Spanish w/ southern accent: ¡Juaaaaaaaaaaa!

Spanish: ¿Dónde estás?

Spanish w/ southern accent: ¿Onde táa?

Or my favorite…

Spanish: Vamos a ver.

Spanish w/ southern accent: Amoer.

Ok, now that I’ve properly shown that it’s not me who doesn’t hear right, it’s that it’s sometimes hard to catch what people are saying when they eat so much of the word! If it’s noisy, or many people are speaking at once, factor in another level of difficulty. Anyway, here’s how it goes…

I’m sitting at the lunch table laughing with some friends. My friend Francesca invited me to eat with her and her family and I was more than eager to accept 🙂 We were eating a few appetizers before having the main course (It’s normal for Spaniards to eat in courses.) Fran’s mother asked me, “Eres de Tejas?” (You’re from Texas?) and I said, “Sí, soy de Tejas”  (That’s right, I’m from Texas.) Everyone’s face rapidly changed (clue #1) and they all started laughing hysterically (clue #2). Should you find yourself with both of these clues happening at the same time, this is when you might start doing what I do multiple times a day; start backtracking your words.

Did I say what I wanted to say? Does that word have a double meaning? Did I pronounce the word wrong and say a cuss word (which has happened)? With tears in her eyes, Fran’s mother repeated the question saying (now much more slowly, with annunciation), “Te gusta lentejas?” (Do you like lentils?)

texas lentils

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