When you hear the words, “Evangelistic campaign” do you think of Billy Graham preaching in a football stadium or convention center? I do.  What about, “tracks”…do you think of someone trying to get you to talk about something when you’re in a hurry?

Here in España, these are two very important ways of evangelism that Christians use. Last summer, our church gathered funds, prayed big, and planned an evangelistic campaign in the nearby town of Baeza. About 100 people (mas o menos) collaborated in this two week event that used music, activities, and visual displays to lead to conversations with passerby’s in the city center. And every few months, members of our church in Úbeda go out to surrounding towns to hand out information about the Gospel and our church.

This past Saturday, five of the youth and and seven adults went out to three towns to hand out tracks and information. We went to the liiiitle towns of Ibros, Begijar, and Lupión.

Carpooling to the towns...
Walking around Lupión, handing out tracks, and a quick photo-op

...on our way back to Úbeda

In all, a little over 780 tracks were handed out in three towns.

For me, this is a very different type of evangelism from what I’m used to. I really enjoy having relationships with people, developing trust over time and giving them the opportunity to see who God is as I live out my faith (so humbling!) and talking about how God reveals Himself to us in the Bible. However, my preference isn’t really important, it’s my willingness to obey.


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  1. I love it when you put pictures on here!!!

    Miss you. Thanks for all you are doing for the Kingdom. You’re always an encouragement. MUAH!


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