Great news!

WE PASSED!!! I got a phone call from the autoescuela a week ago letting me know that I passed the theory test and that I could begin driving classes the next day!

I 100% mean the we part. It wouldn’t have been possible to do this on my own. Thank you for your faithful prayers! As I walked out of the testing room on Monday, I was thinking about all the people praying and it came to mind, that I’m just the hands and feet of all this. You, with your prayers and support are just as involved and important. You guys are the ones to be congratulated 🙂

Where do I go from here? I have driving classes to take, and then a driving test. I’m thinking the hardest part is over with. I’ve been driving for several years and I’m allowed to take the driving exam in an automatic car instead of a manual. You should hear the looks I get when I tell people I’m going to drive an automatic car. That’s exactly right, I said hear, because the looks speak volumes.

Please keep praying, one test down, one to go.

All praise and glory to Him!


For now, I leave you with this…


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