if you give a mouse a cookie…

I’ve been thinking of all these unique things that have a cause/effect relationship here. They’ve kind of been piling up in my head, so this is a list of them spilling out 🙂 Maybe a better title should be, “If you live in España…”

  • If you drive through a small Spanish town during siesta, you just might see a dog sleeping in the middle of the street. What does that mean? Well, literally, there could be a dog taking a nap, in the middle of the road. Also, it could show you the extent of how almost everyone observes the siesta. Mascotas (pets) included. Or it may show you, how quiet these little pueblos (towns) can be.
la siesta
  • If you order a donut with your café con leche (coffee with milk), they just might give it to you on a white porcelin plate with dainty edging, accompanied by a fork and knife.
  • If you’re a frequent and well known customer of the public transportation system (bus), and the driver is new, you just might have to give him directions to the bus station when he takes a wrong turn and gets himself lost.
  • If you tell someone you speak English and that you’re from the US of A, they just might introduce you to others as a “native”.
  • Or, if your friend introduces you as North American and you have olive colored skin and dark hair (kind of like mine), they just might tell you that they’ve always wanted to meet someone from Mexico!
  • Upon a minor correction with this person, saying, “No no, English is my first language.” They then might give you a face like this…
  • and say, “I thought Britain was in Europe…?”
  • By request, If you play a (Texas) country music song for your Spanish friend, they just might tell you, “That sounds like Celtic music!”

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