theory test

I missed it by one. Which is better than missing it by 10 🙂 So close! I plan on attempting it again at the same time, next Monday. For the rest of this week, I’ll spend my mornings taking practice tests and trying to get ready to have another go.

Please continue to pray for this process, it can become wearing to read so much technical, hypothetical material and what-if, trying to trick you questions after a while. There are also many laws that are “never do’s/always do’s” situations, but then there’s almost as many exceptions to the “never do’s/always do’s” as there are laws.

However, I’m incredibly encouraged that it was so close this time and as with all things, keeping in perspective the big picture. I’m not teaching English because we’re going to speak in English forever. And I’m not learning to drive because I’ll be driving forever. Eternity. That’s the perspective I’m trying to grow in and share here.

Thank you for your prayers!!!


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