In the Shadow

In the Shadow of the Glorious Cross

In the shadow of the glorious cross,

Compelled by grace to cast my lot,

I’ll discard the loss and bear Your name:

Forsaking all for Your own fame.

Your hymn of grace sung over me,

Abounding forth in glorious streams,

My thirst is quenched by You my Lord,

Sustained am I, redeemed, restored.

From The Shadow of the Glorious Cross by Brooks Ritter & Rebecca Elliott

I hope you find these few lines encouraging and that you are continually being rooted and grounded in love, comprehending, the breadth and length and height and depth, knowing the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, being filled up to all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:14-19). Thank you for reading, praying, and being a part of this ministry.

From $ to € and all the things in between…

Several people have asked me for details, or more information on the support situation. All in all, because of the exchange rate, much more of my support has been spent on language school, housing, etc. The price in €’s hasn’t changed, it’s the value of the dollar that has changed. Simply put, It now takes more dollars ($) to make one euro (€). I wish that all places in the world that have spiritual needs had an equal cost of living. In Europe, the cost of living is higher even though the need is just as great as other parts of the world where it costs less to live. But then I come back to Colossians chapter 1, specifically verse 17. “He is above all things, and in Him all things hold together.” All things, meaning economies, governments, authorities, exchange rates included.

Current support needs:

  • $2,500 in one-time gifts OR $220.00 in monthly gifts.

Something that has been on my mind and in my prayers was recently best expressed through John Lohrenz, my team leader. He recently said, “We are praying and asking the Lord to give us fruit here that would reflect in reward for those who invest time and resources in reaching these people for Jesus.” I’m incredibly encouraged by the prayers, support, and response of e-mails I’ve received in the past month. If you have a roommate, neighbors, a small group, a bible study, or family friends that would be interested in knowing more about how to be a part of this ministry, please let me know. It’s a joy and privilege for me to share about what He is doing in Spain.

Busing to Driving

Riding the bus has been a great temporary solution; however, the downsides are becoming heavier: availability is subject to change, seats sell out, and I spend almost as much time waiting for the bus, as I do teaching conversation classes.

Therefore, acting in faith that support will be provided for me to remain here, we’ve decided that it would be of great benefit for me to try and get my driver’s license. I knew before committing myself to this undertaking that it would not only be a test of my language skills, but also my perseverance.

To obtain your carnet (license) in Spain you must: 1. Pass a theory test. Out of several thousand possible questions, you are given thirty minutes to answer thirty questions, you can miss three. 2. If you pass the theory test, you then have driving lessons with an instructor. Once they feel that you’re ready, you have a driving exam with the instructor, and an examiner. This test can be failed by braking at a crosswalk too abruptly or by defrosting the windows before your seat belt is buckled. ¡Que barbaridad! (That’s ridiculous!)

No parking and/or stopping

I’m choosing to believe that the same God who was faithful to Joseph when his brothers sold him into slavery, the same God who saved a city of 120,000 (Nineveh) in one day, the same God who provided me a means of salvation through the sacrifice and resurrection of His Son, is willing and able to provide, and is trustworthy with this also.

Planning and praying big…

  • Making more visits to the local hospital and visiting with the patients. Singing, praying for them, doing puppet shows, simply showing Christ’s love by being an encouragement, all of these things have made a huge impact on the hospital staff.
  • I’m coordinating a one week mission trip to the Northern part of Spain with the youth in June to hike a small portion of the Camino de Santiago (What’s that?).
  • Hopefully, being able to drive will allow the youth of our church to visit other youth groups and churches in our province.


Day retreat I attended for the youth workers of Andalucía & Villacarrillo, the city where I work and spend my afternoons.

Prayers please!

Please be praying for me on Sunday night before you go to bed. At about the same time, I’ll be waking up and going to take my theory test on Monday morning. Please pray for an extra amount of grace, and for my understanding and memory so that I’ll be able to pass.

It is a privilege to pray for you and represent you here in Spain. As always, I love hearing from you!



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