The snails

Whether you call it, escargot, or caracol, one of the things I thought I would never eat, is snails. My friend Rosa invited me to tapear (there’s actually a verb for going to eat tapas!) with her and her two children, Miriam (8) and Adrian (5). When we got to the place, we asked for our drinks, and then the waiter asked if “caracoles” would be ok. Rosa smiled and gave me a, “Mmm, that sounds good, right?” look. Not knowing the adventure I was nodding my head too…you can imagine my surprise when the server brought out a dish of snails!

For the most part, I’m actually a fan. It’s one of those things like paella or meatloaf, everybody has their own touch and makes it a little different. The best ones I’ve had were in a delicious broth with a hint of mint. Who’d have thought?


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