an early christmas gift!

Super excited about this!

Yaaaaaay! Thanks to my super generous mom & dad, I got an early Christmas gift! I’ve been wanting a subscription to this rockstar cook’s magazine for a little over two years now 🙂

It’s so not about a magazine though, for me, it’s about bringing people together, and blessing others through hospitality. This is just a fun tool to learn more and be more time and cost efficient.

This is not a “box-mix” culture, at all. I can remember one time, last year, when I was baking a cake with Guada, and she handed me a whisk, six eggs, and told me to whip them into stiff peaks. I thought, “Is she kidding?” I don’t have enough tricep muscle for that. What’s more, she didn’t even own a mixer! It’s not that hers was dirty or broken, or she couldn’t find the other beater, she just plain didn’t have one.

So back to the culture, in bigger cities like Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Valencia, etc. there are fast food places where you can go to get something in a hurry, but normally it’s unhealthy and not as cheap as you think. I’ve only seen one Subway in this country though and it was in a hyper-touristy area. Anyway, the new definition of fast food for me, is walking the six blocks over to Pollo’s Garcí and ordering a roast chicken a day in advance. That’s about as quick as food gets. So, that whole aisle that we’re used to seeing in Kroger, Central Market, Super Target, Super Wal-Mart, etc. with the baking supplies, boxes of brownies, shortening, frostings, boxes of cakes, cans of pie filling, etc. just forget it. Everything is done by hand, normally from scratch. This is also probably one of the reasons why not many people bake. So, when you make a simple banana bread, or an apple tart, it really shows people you love them and were thinking about them in the time you were apart.


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