december 8, 2009

Outside my window...I can just barely see Baeza through the gray weather.

I am thinking…of a quote I just read. I’ve read it before, but in light of current circumstances, it hit me a fresh of how important it is to believe and live it. I’ll share it for your reading pleasure…

“We depend nominally on the Spirit but mostly on ourselves–our training, our skills, our personality, our past experiences, our knowledge, our sincere efforts. As a result, what we accomplish is limited by what we can do…If you rely on training, you accomplish what training can do. If you rely on skills and hard work, you obtain the results that skills and hard, faithful work can do. When you rely on committees, you get what committees can do. But when you rely on God, you get what God can do.”
Taken from Ministry in the Image of God by Stephen Seamands

I am thankful for…heating in my apartment, my apartment, the people who give of what God has given them, making it possible to serve here in Spain, my friends and family.

From the kitchen…the smell of coffee with cinnamon in the grinds (my fav) and an apple pie to take to Guada and Paqui for lunch!

I am reading…the book of Judges.

I am hoping…that I study and prepare responsibly for my final exam, and that some friends from Texas get to visit sometime soon.

I am creating…a bible study to share with the youth this Sunday about spending time with God and praying. A discipline that I’m trying to grow in.

Around the house…I have some candles lit, some Christmas music playing softly, and some pie crust thawing, the perfect combination for a holiday (Spanish Constitution Day) and cloudy gray weather.

One of my favorite things…is getting packages from friends & family in the states.

A few plans for the rest of the week…study for my final exam of the Pentateuch (Genesis-Judges), help some friends with English, teach English conversation classes in Villacarrillo.


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