Wouldn’t you like to know…

Wouldn’t you like to know…this is a list of interesting tid-bits from living in Spanish culture. The list may include, but is not limited to: food, people, expressions, daily living, language blunders, etc.

  • …last week, in one of the conversation classes, I was waiting on the last student to arrive before beginning. One of the 10 year-old boys who had arrived early let me know that the one missing student, was “the devil”.
  • …when in Spain, don’t use the literal translation of “boyfriend”  to say that you’ve had previous relationships. I told one of my male friends that I have dated four guys in my life, and the surprised look on his face should have given me a clue, but I kept going in conversation (assuming that he just hadn’t dated much) saying that, I feel like I’ve learned a lot from the dating relationships I’ve had. A few weeks later, I found out why he gave me such a surprised look. I basically said the equivalent of being engaged four times.
  • …one my landlords didn’t understand at all why someone would want an oven. After hearing him repeat this over and over, “I just don’t get it, I don’t understand..” I finally said, “Let me explain it to you, to bake and to cook is a way to serve and be a blessing to others. Not to mention, Thanksgiving is coming up, and as you well know, you have to eat turkey on Thanksgiving, and how am I going to bake a turkey with no oven?”
  • …I actually have four “mothers”. Let me explain. Because my mom isn’t here with me in Spain, there are three other women that have stepped up to looking out for me, making sure I’m eating right, not walking by myself alone at night, etc. The newest addition to the team is my boss. Manoli. I found out she was joining the mom team when she decided I couldn’t walk from the language academy to the bus stop by myself (It’s less than 200  meters) and that she would drive me.  I was even more surprised when she insisted on waiting with me in the bus station. Upon insisting that she really didn’t need to wait with me, she let me know that when the bus arrived, she would also be speaking with the bus driver to make sure he would look out for me. Sure enough, when the bus pulled up, Manoli went over to the driver’s window and after talking with him briefly, called me over to introduce us. 🙂

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