¿donde estás? / where are you?

One of my favorite quotes comes from one of my seminary professors, Dr. Allman, he says,

“If where you’re at, you’re becoming more like Christ, then you’re in the right place.”

Something that I try to keep an open mind about is my geography. Literally, my location in the world. My first year here in España, which was last year, I really started to consider what keeps people in a certain location… Is it a mortgage? Comfort? A good school? Debt? A job? A church? Ministry? The list goes on and on…

I started thinking about all of the blessings of the church that I’ve received in my time as a Christian, women that have discipled me, poured into me, families that model a Christ-centered home, bible studies, small groups, biblical resources, good teaching, fellowship, the Word, accountability, etc. And I started to think, did God just give me all those things…just because. Just so that I could grow and get spiritually fat? Just so that I would have all those blessings for myself?

For me, I wanted to go to a place where those things don’t currently exist, or they exist but they’re not as common, and invest myself there. Referring to the quote above, for me, I know I’m in the right place, walking with God, and becoming more conformed to His image. I’m constantly reminded that I can do nothing, apart from Him.


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