the race/la carrera

*Disclaimer, this is a post about an event that took place a few weeks ago. Ok, a month ago.  I wanted to share, but haven’t had time to write/post. There might be a few more back-dated posts that I’ll be catching up on…they’re worth sharing!

I like to run. But I wouldn’t call myself a “runner”.

After I stopped playing volleyball in college, I really didn’t run unless something was chasing me. However, about three years ago, I got back into the habit and try to go for jogs a couple times a week. So I try and keep this up while living over here too. Some of my friends here enjoy footing (jogging) as well. My friend Rubén invited me to be a part of a team from the church that was participating in a 7km.

The funny part about this, is that I assumed this race was way off in the future, so I said yes, thinking there was more time to train, etc. That was  Monday, October 12. Turns out the race was on Sunday, October 18th. I’m proof that motivation can come out of nowhere when you’ve got a limited amount of time to prepare.

It ended up being a great time, the three of us ran to represent the church (Església Evangèlica Baptista de Vilanova i la Geltrú) and give testimony to our Lord. We ran 7km (4.35 miles) in 38 minutes.

me, marcello, & rubén after the race

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